New episode of the podcast: Entertainmentretten

Meet Gordon Ramsay in your local supermarket advertising for specialties. Place furniture in your house before you buy them to see how they fit in. Try a new hair style or cosmetic change to see what you would look like. This is just a few scenarios the future may hold. Augmented Reality is on everyone’s lips – also in the IP-world. Is it legal to place a digital advertisement on your house when it is only experienceable in a digital world? Where can you place a digital advertisement lawfully? How can the so-called Mirror World be regulated?

In this episode we discuss the interesting topic of Augmented Reality. We are facing a future where the physical and digital world melt together. Owning the proper AR-glasses, a phone, or a watch you can experience digital elements while moving around in the physical world. Listen as your main host Jakob Plesner Mathiasen and IP-expert Serena Faccio introduce and raise attention to Augmented Reality and discuss its relation to copyright and trademark law.

The discussion is introductory and especially the technicalities about the technology are left out. The aim for this episode is rather to raise attention to these topics.

Listen to the episode here.

Time codes:

  • Augmented Space (08:38)
  • Copyright protection (17:40)
  • Trademark protection (25:06)