Special podcast episode about the use of copyright content and platform liability.

This month the podcast ‘Entertainmentretten’ has published a special episode.

Who can be held liable when a user uploads a video on YouTube with infringing content? How can right holders keep track with the distribution of their works online? Can stricter platform liability be a threat to the freedom of expression as expressed in the EU Charter?

Over the years the internet has become the basic foundational infrastructure for sharing content globally, and today the internet plays a major role in the exploitation of copyright content.

The key question is whether Tech Giants such as Facebook and YouTube are responsible for the content that their users upload to the platforms. In this episode the main hosts Jakob Plesner Mathiasen and Morten Rosenmeier talk with IP-professor Eleonora Rosati regarding the use of copyright content on the internet and Article 17 of the DSM Directive.

Listen here.